Set up in 2020 by a group of friends with extensive food and restaurant experience, SMASH Peri Peri was born out of desire to create dishes that are literally bursting with flavour. We researched, we travelled, we took inspiration from the bustling, vibrant street markets of East Africa and Pan Asia. We were guided by intoxicating aromas, authentic flavours and searched out traditional recipes such as the Portuguese piri piri sauce. Everything we learnt, we took into the kitchen and developed our own sauces, closely guarded recipes that are unique to SMASH Peri Peri.

Over time we’ve developed and perfected our food offer and in 2020 SMASH Peri Peri branched out on a mission to bring great tasting food to more people. We are growing across the South East & Essex and more franchises are opening. Run by people who are as passionate about food as we are, our customers can enjoy their favourite dishes in whichever SMASH Peri Peri they care to visit.

Flavour, quality ingredients and a great range of dishes combine to give customers a fast but deliciously satisfying food experience – that makes everyone want to keep coming back! Casual dining at its very best, SMASH Peri Peri is for friends, for family, for fun and always packed with the most intense flavour.

What will you choose?!